SANDOR is an acronym for a series of processes that can be applied to most types of business.

These include, retail, Professional services, e-commerce and information businesses.

I have included an example of our retail asset analysis at the bottom of this page.

It is the work of internet marketing genius Frank Kern. We were personally trained, tested and certified by Frank before being licensed to use the system.

What is SANDOR and why is it important?

I want to start with the why. Most businesses get one shot at making a sale. And once the prospect has left the premises whether that's a store or somewhere online, the odds are you will never see them again.

So SANDOR not only enables you to capture the contact details it also plugs what we call, "the gaps."

The gaps are the places in your marketing and sales systems where prospects stop receiving your message.

At it's simplest form it's a cart abandonment sequence wherein a shopper loads up their shopping cart with your goodies and then walks away from it.

Over 40% of transactions online are abandoned but the same principle applies to those in a retail store.

So, as I said SANDOR is an acronym that describes a process. And when we prescribe that process to you we tweak or install one step at a time. unlike the gurus who overwhelm and confuse you with enormous to do lists. We keep it simple.

Here's the 6 simple steps.

S = Stated Objective. This is where we get the stated goal or objective from the client.

A = Assets. So this is like email list product lines, Facebook ads, campaign sales processes, stuff like that. We get it all dumped out on the table, and then we get the third step, which is the numbers.

N = Numbers. The numbers, which is just things like conversion rates, profit, how well campaigns did the usual stuff.

D = diagnosis. Based on the numbers and the assets, we will prescribe ONE thing for you to do which we then measure to see what the results are. Once we have those measurements it will guide us to make our next prescription.

O = One thing. An important reason to only change one thing at a time is if you change lots of moving parts in a machine and something goes wrong (or goes right) you have no idea what caused that result.

R = rinse and repeat. Improving sales processes is something that most business owners do NOT do and of those that do the majority do not make it a system which never stops working.

The world, technology, the economy, politics and a whole lot more are eternally changing and to survive and thrive in the uber connected global marketplace you need all of the advantages you can lay your hands on .